A Brief History of Your Hair

Devised Play by Deepika Arwind

This is deeply rooted in personal stories about hair on the one hand, and fantastical explorations of these stories on another. The performance draws upon personal, historical, political and gender narratives of the hair. It employs humour, playfulness, and fantasy to unpack questions of identity, androgyny, gendered beauty, and the way these ideas relate to each other across cultures.

“A Brief History of Your Hair” has been made possible by a grant from India Foundation for the Arts, and The New Voices Arts Project.The work towards this performance was initiated in 2015 as part of Gender Bender, a joint initiative by Sandbox Collective and Goethe-Institut/Max Mueller Bhavan, Bangalore. Ronita played one of the lead roles in this Play as the Personification of Hair.

Another Day

Contemporary Dance Duet by Prashant More

“Losing my breath while catching yours”

#Secret diary “It was raining heavily, we were sitting inside and gazing at stars. It was my first kiss but now it seems silly. I was brushing past the pages of my secret diary but my space was invaded. You know the other night, I was just thinking about our days that we spent together, lived. I felt something very deep inside, but don’t know how our fight started. I saw you look at me but your hands had left mine, we hugged, we fought, we pulled each other closer and pushed away our lives”

This is a contemporary dance piece by a male and female dancer exploring the abstract complications and experiences of “Romantic” Love, the kind of love and bond shared between a Man and Woman in a relationship.

This is shown in seven short scenes, going through a range of different kind of emotions and mixed emotions leading to chaotic and calm situations that the couple is faced with. As relationships are never-ending, so does this work continues, without having an ending to the narrative. Was performed by Prashant More and Ronita Mookerji on 25th June, 2016 in Shoonya Centre for Art and Somatic Practices, Bangalore on the same evening of Architect of Self-Destruction.

 Watch “Another Day” video here.

‘Another day’ is a complex collage of movements experienced and shared in the intimacies and boundaries of a relationship. The duality of emotions and practicality, of love and hate, of being together and alone at the same time, of anger and loss, of hope and despair, of looking for the light in that darkness. The extreme thoughts and actions that generate in this journey of being in a relationship is explored by the dancers who use flashback of memories and visual images that form the base of generating movement vocabulary and improvisational story boards. Some of the movements, or a visual stimulation or a deep rooted emotional impulse that translates in the vocabulary performed at the given time that only taste in that movements. The dance piece explores internal space that is manifested externally and aims to trigger certain memories/ emotions in the audience so the both shared the same state of emotions that is derived from the simple “physical experience” of being in the relationship or being in love.