Physical Practice and Awareness through Contemporary Dance:


The Contemporary Dance/Movement workshop will combine elements and technique understanding from Contemporary Dance and Martial Arts, Kalaripayattu, that I have learnt and am training in, currently. The workshops will throw light on body work, floor work, space work, energy work through exercises, body-conditioning and movement sequences from strong physical practice within the system of Contemporary Dance Techniques. Through the flow of dynamic sequences, which encompass qualitative and quantitative play of physical tasks (using the physicality of the body), time, space and rhythm, dynamism, participants will be challenged to explore, experiment and broaden their own aspects of the Physical Body, and the Thinking Body (mental capacity) through some Improvisational/Compositional explorations and investigations in the sessions.

Aim: To bring an understanding, awareness and deeper connection with the physical body through contemporary dance and to activate the mental capacity along with it, through play of structure and creativity.

A montage of performances

Perfoprmed by Ronita Mookerji

I See Dreams In Grey (2012)

Self choreography

Bardo Beings (2012)

 We Need The Heaters On! (2012)

Self choreography

The DAM(N) Project – “ZAMEEN” 2013

Dance Choreography by Ronita and Sylvester

Interview In Kolkata in 2013

 Thinking Inside the Box (2015)


Let’s Call It A Night (2015)

Performance by the Goethe Insitute invited guest dancers in Germany

Architect of Self Destruction (2016)

Premiered in Shoonya Centre for Art and Somatic Practices, Bangalore on June 2016.

Another Day (2016)

Performed on 25th June, 2016. ‘Another day’ is a complex collage of movements experienced and shared in the intimacies and boundaries of a relationship.

Let’s Call It A Night (2020)

‘Let’s Call It A Night’ was performed on 13th August, 2020 on the Digital Platform Medium as a part of the Sanskar Virtual Performance Festival: A Global Platform for Performing Arts, 2020 due to the severe lockdown for the Covid-19 Pandemic.

International Sanskar Virtual Performance Festival (2020)